Strengthened by the desire to move forward, which is the company motto, RIGOBERT employs highly qualified skilled carpenters and cabinetmakers. Operating on a wide range of advanced machine tools, this exceptional work allows us to offer products with a very high level of finishing.

Your project is designed based on 2D and 3D technical drawings prepared by our designers, and it is then presented to you for approval. Our workshop teams will make every effort to complete it as soon as possible and use the greatest care.

Today our company has forty expert craftsmen who are each assigned the completion of a single project. You are also given the guarantee that your construction site is placed in attentive hands and will be completed with the passion and dedication of a cabinetmaker who truly loves his work.

Believing that the human aspect plays an essential role in the perfect completion of a project, the RIGOBERT company aims at maintaining mutual trust relationships and ensuring compliance with its commitments both in the relationship with its clients and in managing human resources. For this reason our craftsmen are happy to work with us and sincerely have the completion of your project to perfection at heart.

Add a unique know-how, handed down from generation to generation, and you will understand why our customers declare themselves completely satisfied, which also explains why, over time, we have emerged as a benchmark in the fine high quality woodworking - cabinet working field.


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Contact Info

Chaussée de Vilvorde, 96,
1120 Brussels, Belgium

Phone: +32-2-424.10.44

Fine woodworking - custom handmade cabinet working / solid wood, carved wood, veneering, marcuetry nets, stainless steel or brass, plywood and laminate panels, leather and soft furnishing tapestry working, metal and glass working... / varnished, tinted, gray tinted, ceruse, painted finishing and lacquering... / Wainscots, lower ceilings, duckboards, parquets, bulkheads, doors, cupboards, dressings, front desks, office furniture, dining rooms, living rooms, bookcases, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, antique copies ... / from castles to business office floors, information desks, showrooms, stores furnishing, coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, villas, flats, duplexes, boats...